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Our Services

Professional, customized and compassionate service is what you can expect when you call Maselli Bail Bonds. It just takes one look in the phone book or a quick internet search and you immediately learn that there are hundreds of bail agencies in California. Thank you for taking time to look at what we offer.

With Maselli Bail Bonds you can be sure of this, you are working with an established company who has a well-known presence in today’s Bay Area marketplace.  We haven’t been in business for 34 years by accident. You get exceptional value and service when partnering with us. Once you choose to do business with us, you become our valued client and friend. With that in mind, here is partial list of the basic services we provide when doing bail with us:

  • Provide the legal documents and service to get your loved one released from jail in the most efficient and timely manner, allowing him/her to be out of jail and continue their day-to-day life until the court matter is resolved.
  • Carefully explain and review all documents you will be asked to sign, especially all financial transactions.
  • Provide copies of all documents.
  • Provide Notary Services as required, at no additional charge.
  • Supply initial information regarding the defendant’s next court appearance requirement.
  • Follow up on court appearances to ensure defendant is not failing to appear and jeopardizing his/her case.
  • Timely return of any collateral upon receipt of official exoneration by the Court.
  • We faithfully comply with the legal requirements to keep all your personal information private. We will never speak to anyone besides the defendant or cosigner about your case.

Now for your part, as the defendant

  • First and foremost is to appear at all required court dates and times. This is an absolute must!
  • We and/or the Indemnitor (those loving people who paid your bond), can and will impose additional restrictions on your freedoms should you fail to do your part.
  • If we don't meet you at the jail when you are released, you are required to meet with one of our agents for an in-person interview and to complete all paperwork within 24 hours of being released. At this time we will explain the conditions of your release so you will have no surprises. We will also provide you with the date and time of your first court appearance.
  • Depending on the length of your case we require you to give us a verbal update at least monthly.
  • If you fail to appear, we expect you to call us immediately.
  • In summary, your responsibility is to comply with the justice system and fulfill your legal responsibility. We are here to help you do this, you are never alone.


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